Time Apart

Brought to you by Mekudshet – Jerusalem Season of Cuture

And there came a time that a virus was unleashed on the world and all of its peoples, without exception, took refuge in their homes – time apart – every man and woman within four walls. And the city’s streets emptied, the people were confused and there was no remedy. And in Jerusalem, a city of neighborhoods and quarters, the separation was vast and a great distance opened up between neighbors and friends. Each person bound to their home, the sounds of industry silenced, and a multitude of thoughts consumed them. And the days of solitude spanned two months, and the people yearned for one another. And the people of the city spoke with their new savior, Zoom, poured out their hearts to it and sounded their cries. And though they appeared different and used new language, their hearts and voices were one, and they shared the desire to learn and heal. These are the messages emanating from the sons and daughters of the city, and these are the voices and faces, and you are the witnesses. And when the isolation ends and the plague passes, we will reunite with our brothers and sisters, seek out the good and fill the land with goodness and blessings.