The Week That Was: September 11-17

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Conservative Money and Jewish Studies: Investigating the Tikvah Fund

by Zachary Braiterman

For some time now, a professional colleague has shared with me his profound misgivings about the presence at his home university of the Tikvah Fund, a right-wing philanthropy that in recent years has invested considerable resources funding academic Jewish Studies programming as well as more popular platforms geared to a broader reading public.

The Ruminators
by Maya Bernstein

I have been grappling for some time with the question of where Jewish entrepreneurs fit into the landscape of innovation. How do you define them?

The Promise of a Jewish Education for Students with Special Needs
by Arlene Remz

… in the last 20 or 30 years, as federal laws have been instituted and as more public school systems have welcomed children with disabilities, it hasn’t been unusual for children to share a classroom with a child in a wheelchair or a child with autism.

So why isn’t this more prevalent in the Jewish community? Unfortunately, in many places we have lagged well behind the public schools and there is no legal mandate guiding us. But there is a moral mandate, and there is a new tide of thinking setting in that demands inclusion, not exclusion.

From Courageous Conversations to Daring Decisions: More Thoughts on Collaboration

by Rabbi Hayim Herring, Ph.D.

I hope that more leaders will spark the kinds of courageous conversations that Rabbi Bisno has started in his recent opinion piece, “Let the Courageous Conversation Continue” in eJewish Philanthropy on September 7. Such conversations seed the ground for potential collaborations on the local level. In following up on Rabbi Bisno’s call to action, I want to suggest a few ways that we can move from courageous conversations about collaboration to daring decisions that foster creative group and organizational partnerships that will enrich the Jewish community.

Top Fall Fundraising Tips
by Heather Fignar

It’s the beginning of September, and we’re already in the midst of fall fundraising campaigns for our nonprofit clients. This is an important time of year for fundraisers, because approximately 50% of all money raised from individuals comes in during the last 2 months of the year.

We know your major strategies are already in place, but here are some tips from our staff that may help you improve your result.

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