The Week That Was: September 25-October 1

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23 Jewish Nonprofits Lose 4 Star Rating

American Committee for Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jewish National Fund and Yeshiva University are among 23 Jewish nonprofits to lose Charity Navigator’s 4 star rating.

Foundation for Jewish Camp Surveys the Future

by Abigail Pickus

Enrollment in nonprofit Jewish summer camps in North America is steadily increasing – and there are more innovative Jewish camping experiences than ever before, according to the recently released strategic plan of The Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC).

The Case for Multi-Generational Philanthropy
by Tamar Snyder

What are the most effective ways to transmit your philanthropic values to your children and grandchildren while also ensuring that your charitable legacy within the Jewish community continues to endure?

Marching Alone
by Tuval Chesler

400,000 people thronged the streets of Israel to protest the social situation while Jews in America remained silent.

Organizational Support: Ready, Willing and Able

by Clare Goldwater

It is probably an obvious statement that in order for change to take place in an organization, the organization has to be ready, willing, and able to support that change. It is no surprise that even equipped with a fantastic new idea if there is no institutional will, there will certainly not be a way to make it happen. Nothing new there. So what can we add to the accumulated wisdom of innovation strategy that will be valuable to others in the same situation?

Why Rosh Hashana is Also a Day of Joy: A Personal Reflection
by Yossi Prager

Rosh Hashana is considered a Day of Awe, the result of it being a day of divine judgment. However, a little-known biblical story mandates that it is also a joyous day, for reasons that remain relevant today.

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