The Week That Was: January 13-19

Based on site and RSS feed analytics, here – in alphabetical order – are the most popular posts on eJewish Philanthropy last week:

Let the Parents’ Voices Be Heard: How to Boost Inquiries into Jewish Day Schools
by Irene Lehrer Sandalow and Miriam Brosseau

How do we persuade potential parents that day school education can provide what they are looking for?

The Case for Jewish Mentorship
by Brad Sugar

If you’re interested in an informal education experiment, grab a sheet of paper, find the nearest teen or adolescent, and give them one instruction: Draw a Jew. It may sound ridiculous, but over the past seven years – this simple exercise may have taught me more about the state of Jewish life than I care to admit.

Young Adult Engagement and Philanthropy: An Event Model that Works

by Ariel Zipkin

Those of us working with young adults know all too well the many challenges of attracting this demographic to fundraising events. We constantly look for new ideas, venues, speakers and incentives. Then we use facebook, twitter, email, websites and more to market the event, with the hope that people don’t ignore us.

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