The Secret of Online Success

According to a recent survey conducted by Convio, most nonprofit managers feel their organization is continually strapped for resources. The amount of resources any given nonprofit might have – whether financial, human or otherwise – never seems to be enough. And as the Internet has become a critical tool for nonprofits, even more questions have surfaced regarding resource alignment for optimal online results including:

  • How big should my online marketing staff be?
  • What is the mix of interactive marketing skills my staff should have?
  • How should my online marketing staff fit into my organizational structure?

The survey aimed at discovering the most efficient and effective way nonprofits can staff for online success, and the findings are published in the Convio report, The Secret of Online Success: Why Structure Matters. The report includes anonymous responses from 60 nonprofits, ranging from annual budgets of less than $1 million and an email file size of less than 10,000 constituents, to those with annual budgets of more than $100 million and an email file size of more than 100,000 constituents.

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