The Rise of Social Media

5 Questions For Social Media Fundraising, posed by Richard C. McPherson in his book Digital Giving:

  • Is someone in your organization responsible for monitoring the online communities and blogs that actively discuss your issue? The findings must quickly reach someone able to spread the word to your supporters and program experts.
  • Are your providing tools to your supporters so they can easily show their support online and invite others to join them? Include links to your Web site and email to important blogs or social networks.
  • Have you asked your supporters to identify their favorite online groups? Do you know where your core supporters spend their time online, or are you guessing?
  • Do you have a “Virtual Volunteer Committee” to monitor relevant online communities? Is someone assigned to write or post to blogs or viral networks?
  • Do your organization’s email messages go beyond pushing out information and requesting donations? Provide interactive opportunities and customize email messages based on donor relationships.