The Nonprofit Technology Gap: Myth or Reality?

Are nonprofit organizations technologically challenged? Are they going about their work without the cutting-edge software and hardware needed to function effectively in the digital age? What percentage are using sophisticated information technologies to support and enhance their delivery of mission-critical programs and services? And what are the challenges preventing or limiting nonprofits’ use of IT to deliver programs and services?

These are some of the questions raised and answered in the latest “communiqué” issued by the John Hopkins Nonprofit Listening Post Project.

The key findings include:

  1. The majority of nonprofits are relying on a range of current information technologies for both administrative functions and program and service delivery.
  2. However, most nonprofits are not content with the extent to which they have integrated technologies into program and service delivery and recognize that they could be doing more.
  3. Lack of funding, time and expertise are the major barriers preventing nonprofits from harnessing the full potential of information technologies.

The complete report, Nonprofit Technology Gap Dec. 2010, is available for download.