The Jewish World Lays Off

The American Jewish organizational world, like everyone else, is going through their share of staff cuts and realignment. Large international organizations including UJC and Hadassah were among the first. Sunday the URJ Board will vote on sweeping changes which will downsize the staff and change the way it relates to member organizations. Yeshiva University has also cut a significant number of positions.

And in the past week two of the stronger Federations in the country have cut back – first Cleveland and yesterday UJA Federation of New York which eliminated a total of 72 positions (20 currently vacant).

Looking at JewishJobs.com, a major clearinghouse for Jewish communal positions, it is also apparent that hundreds – if not thousands – of positions across the country are not being filled at many organizations.

As the needs of our community continue to increase the available resources appear to be diminishing. The question of how we as a community will be able to respond is the one that should be at the top of the agenda of every single organziation, regardless of size or mission.