The Jewish Innovation Forum

For its 2009 conference, the Jewish Funders Network is recasting the traditional nonprofit exhibit space into a unique and exciting event: the Jewish Innovation Forum.

The theme of this conference is “Funding Genius: A Philanthropist’s Guide to Innovation” through which the JFN and the conference participants will explore a wide range of innovations in depth. The Forum event makes the innovation theme come alive with a 90-minute reception function that is both informal and interactive. In this setting, an exciting group of nonprofit organizations will be able to showcase their programs to the conference participants.

The grant-makers in attendance will have the opportunity to explore and learn about some of the most innovative programs in our community. For grantees, it will be a rare opportunity to highlight and provide an international audience with in-depth materials on their unique programs.

Application to the Forum is a competitive process. The JFN is interested in showcasing programs that are making innovative changes in the Jewish world. These stellar programs distinguish themselves in any number of ways: high-yield quantifiable results, a fresh approach or pattern-breaking change, or a new and effective organizational structure, to name a few. Startups as well as organizations looking for mezzanine funding or ready to scale are encouraged to apply.

To more information about the Forum, and to fill out the first-stage application, you can contact the JFN through this conference link.