The Jewish Futures Competition

The BJENY-SAJES together with JESNA’s Lippman Kanfer Institute, are very excited to launch the Jewish Futures competition:

Rarely, does an opportunity present itself for unheard voices to take center stage before the movers and shakers of an entire community. This competition provides you with the opportunity to share your ideas about how to shape the Jewish educational landscape of the 21st century. You are encouraged to seize this moment to be bold, brave and visionary as we stand at the crossroads of what have many have claimed to be a new era of Jewish life.

To participate, and present your idea at JFNA’s General Assembly in New Orleans, you need to answer the following question:

As we move toward a world where learning happens anywhere and everywhere, authored by anyone, what could Jewish learning and life look like in the future?

Additional details on the Jewish Futures Competition are available for download. For more information, please contact Rabbi Arnold D. Samlan,

about: The Jewish Futures Conference to be held in New Orleans on November 8th as part of Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly, will bring together visionary thinkers, passionate individuals, and inspiring presentations in a conference designed to shift the horizon of our thinking in Jewish education. The conference will provide a space to imagine, learn and engage in purposeful conversation about the future of Jewish education. Presenters, combined with up and coming innovators from the Jewish and general world, will describe their vision for the future of Jewish learning in the context of emerging new digital and social technologies.

The Jewish Futures Conference is sponsored by BJENY-SAJES, The Covenant Foundation, JESNA’s Lippman-Kanfer Institute and Jewish Federations of North America.