The Donor Experience And Online Giving

GivingCreating an effortless online experience can enhance your donor’s overall experience with your organization, according to Bridget L. Brandt, senior marketing manager at Sage Software in Austin, Texas.

During a session at the recent Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, Calif., Brandt explained that you need more information to really see how people interact with you.

Analyzing your Web site is just one crucial part of the communications experience your donor may encounter. But are those online experiences good or bad?

Here are some tips:

  • What do you do? A majority of organizations don’t have a description of their goals and objectives on their Web site. If you want people to give, it might help for them to know what you plan to do.
  • Where are the donations? Only a small percentage of Web sites share how the donations will be allocated. Your donors should know how programs are funded. Make the information available to everyone. Try to equate the donation amount to your mission – for example, how many people you fed or how many acres of land were conserved.
  • Make it easy to donate. Your Web site shouldn’t be a maze and the donation page shouldn’t be hidden from view. Construct your site so your donation page is one click away from any page. You never know when someone will feel compelled to give.

courtesy NonProfit Times