The Cost of High Turnover in Fundraising Jobs

from The Chronicle of Philanthropy:

The Cost of High Turnover in Fundraising Jobs

The high turnover rate of fundraisers is costing charities money. Lots of money.

The average amount of time a fundraiser stays at his or her job: 16 months. The direct and indirect costs of finding a replacement: $127,650.

… In her presentation at the Association of Fundraising Professionals conference in Vancouver, [Penelope Burk, president of Cygnus Applied Research] said findings from a survey she has conducted of 1,700 fundraisers and 8,000 nonprofit chief executives, suggest that it would cost just $46,650 to keep a good fundraiser happy by providing better salaries and other benefits, such as additional vacation time.

Burke’s presentation, Donor-Centered  Leadership … what  it  takes  to  build  a  high  performance   fundraising  team, is available here.