The Brandeis-Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry Offers Newly Illustrated Bilingual Haggadah for Children from Russian-Speaking Jewish Families

From the Brandeis-Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry (BGI), comes a Haggadah for children from Russian-speaking Jewish families. Designed by Avraham Eli Tukachinsky, a Brandeis-Genesis Institute fellow, this Haggadah will help make each family Seder a memorable and learning experience.

Treated to a preview last night, Valerie Khaytina, Deputy North American Director of World ORT, told eJP, “This is beyond AWESOME. Exactly what I wanted for my daughter. Genesis made our holiday! I will share with all my friends … wow!!!”

Avraham Eli Tukachinsky will graduate from Brandeis University this year. He was born in Haifa, Israel. His parents emigrated to Israel from Moscow, Russia and then from Israel to Ohio before eventually settling in Massachusetts.

His sister, Hanna, helped him with the Haggadah design and implementation. She currently resides in Brookline, MA, and is completing her PhD at Harvard Medical School.

Click here to view or download the full version or email to receive a free copy.

about: The Brandeis Genesis Institue for Russian Jewry is an initiative that prepares Russian-speaking students from around the world to become effective community leaders fortified by Jewish knowledge, a systematic understanding of Russian Jewry, and a commitment to the future of the Jewish people. BGI was launched in 2009 with support from the Genesis Philanthropy Group. For more information, visit