The 2010 ROI Community Summit

from the ROI Community Website:

2010 ROI Summit

In celebration of ROI’s 5th anniversary, the ROI team led by Lynn Schusterman has decided to change things up a little this year: The 2010 ROI Summit will be a gathering for current members of the ROI Community.  In other words, if you have participated in a past ROI Summit or Regional Gathering, or were a Charlie Award recipient, you are eligible to apply for participation in this special 5th anniversary ROI Summit.

Why are we doing this?

As the program turns five years old, we are trying to strengthen our ROI Community, which has expanded every year. Expansion is good, as it widens the network. But what ROI 2010 will provide is an opportunity to go deeper as it grows wider – enabling us to work together with you on a strategy that will make ROI more responsive to the diverse needs of its member through program offerings like gatherings, grants, networking and professional development.

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