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Have an idea to transform your Jewish community? Passionate about social entrepreneurship? Looking for a community of experienced Jewish innovators to help make your vision a reality?

PresenTense is searching for the most innovative and dedicated Jewish entrepreneurs to participate in the 2011 Global Summer Institute in Jerusalem!

The 2011 Global Summer Institute will unite the best and brightest Jewish innovators from around the world to develop and launch high-impact ventures that will better Israel and the Jewish community.

Located in Jerusalem, from June 19-July 30, 16 Fellows will be put through intensive training, where they will be taught practical skills of social start-up development to help address local problems with community-backed solutions. Alongside the tested PresenTense curriculum, Fellows are partnered with experienced mentors, coaches, and teachers for high-level support and guidance.

Over the years, PresenTense ventures have focused on Jewish education and culture, greening, civic engagement, economic empowerment and community action.

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  • Learn more about our tested curriculum.

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