Recommendations For School Responses To Newtown Shooting Tragedy

The YU School Partnership website is providing resources and support to Jewish day schools in responding to the Connecticut shooting:

Obviously we are all very saddened by the wanton loss of life that occurred this past Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. We join our fellow Americans and citizens throughout the world in mourning this terrible tragedy and conveying our deepest expressions of condolences to the families whose loved ones had died.

Needless to say, the unpredictability of such violence and the very fact that it occurred in a school setting, prompts educators to effectively address the likely fears and vulnerability that this event evokes. The Institute for University – School Partnership of Yeshiva University in conjunction with Project Chai of Chai Lifeline has evolved the following recommendations and insights for Jewish schools with regard to addressing its students’ concerns and assuring their essential sense of safety and security. We have attempted a fairly comprehensive review from which you may cull that which is relevant to your school, students and community. This document is available and will be regularly updated on the following web sites and