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A collection of the sector’s top news stories (courtesy Council on Foundations)

Dollar cap on deductions would have ‘devastating impact’ on charitable giving
Will wipe out tax benefit for wealthier donors, experts say

The Hill – Blog
Hands off charitable deductions
The Bible suggests we contribute ten percent of our income to charity. But let’s get real; people don’t always do as the Bible suggests. It’s inherent to human nature that we usually need a gentle tap, to make it at least somewhat in our own self-interest to do the right thing.

International Business Times
Charitable Giving: From The Heart Or Tax Incentives?

Nonprofit Quarterly
The Risks of Limiting Charitable Deductions
In his Urban Institute blog, The Government We Deserve, the Tax Policy Center’s Gene Steuerle looks to the past to auger the future of charitable deductions.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Charities Would Lose $10-Billion Under Tax Cap, White House Says
President Obama won’ t support an annual limit on deductions, including those for charitable giving, as the White House issued an estimate that such a break would cost charities at least $10-billion a year.