Pew to Release Study on Israeli Jewry

According to The Jerusalem Post,

The Pew Research Center is currently working on a comprehensive survey of Israeli Jewry to be completed in the fall, philanthropist Joseph Neubauer announced on Tuesday.

Speaking at the annual conference of Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies, Neubauer, who funded the center’s massive survey of US Jews last year, stated that the new survey will focus on “religious behavior, Jewish attitudes towards the United States and Middle East peace among Israeli citizens.”

“Lobbying, tradition and politics perpetuate programs but almost none have ceased to exist and all [the] new ones ask for more philanthropic money,” Neubauer explained.

“Clearly there is much more work to be done,” … remarking that the study will “enable many Jewish organizations to determine how they are achieving their stated goals. I hope new study will inform debate and decision making.”

The complete JPost article, “Pew to issue study on Israeli Judaism,” can be found here.