ORT Russia High Schools Awarded HP Innovation Grants

100609-2The ORT high schools in Moscow, St Petersburg and Samara have each won a substantial grant from technology giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) which will help them improve their students’ achievements through the innovative use of technology.

According to Dr Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT Russia’s Deputy Director for Development and International Cooperation, “The ORT network is disproportionately well represented among the winners – a sign of our commitment to excellence and innovation in practical education, a commitment which has seen ORT become a strategic partner with HP in a wide range of social and educational projects.”

Dr Gorinskiy continues, “These grants will have a huge impact on the schools. In the current economic climate it is difficult to find money to upgrade equipment so this will be a big help. But another very important benefit is that the recipient schools are now part of HP’s regional cooperative network, a privileged ‘club’ of some of the best educational establishments in Europe and the Former Soviet Union.”

The winning schools will each receive a package comprising high-tech equipment, cash and a seat at next year’s HP Innovation in Education Conference in San Francisco worth approximately $100,000.

image courtesy World ORT