Online Giving in Israel increased during 2016

The 2016 IsraelGives Online Giving Report shows that online giving in Israel increased by 14% in 2016. That’s 55% faster than overall philanthropy grew that year (overall Israeli giving grew by only 9%). The report is based on donations that were made through the IsraelGives platforms, which fundraised over 38 Million NIS for 558 different organizations.

Even though Israelis made 70% of the donations that Israeli nonprofits received in 2016, donations from international donors made up 53% of the total income of Israeli nonprofits. And that’s because while the average online donation by an Israeli is 174 NIS ($46), the average donation by a nonIsraeli to an Israeli nonprofit organization is more than three times as much – 627 NIS ($165).

The percentage of online donations from abroad to Israel grew this year by 20%; This is double the growth rate of online giving by Israelis (9%).

The Popular Day for Giving

The areas that people donate to most are: Food and welfare (43% of overall donations), social change organizations (23%), education (12%), environmental and animal protection (11%), health (5%), religion (3%) and arts and culture (2%).

The Most Generous City in Israel

According to the report, which rated the cities with the most online donations (pro-rata by size), Ra’anana is the most generous major city in Israel, for the 5th straight year. In 2nd place comes Tel Aviv and then follows Givatayim, Ramat Hasharon and Modiin. The next 5 most generous cities are Jerusalem, Herzliah, Ramat Gan and Rehovot.

Among smaller cities, Efrat is the most generous. Efrat’s residents donated 8 times more than the national average during 2016. In Jerusalem most people donate to food organizations (25%), but only 2% to animal protection. Bat Yam on the other hand makes most of its donations towards animal protection (43% of total online donations). In Tel Aviv most donors choose to give to human rights and political organizations (14% of total online donations). The city which donated the most to health organizations is Bnei Brak (32% of donations). In Mevaseret Zion the residents donated the most towards education organizations (12%).