Nominations Open for Global Olami Summit

Olami has opened nominations for its second-ever global Summit, a week-long conference that gathers 1,200 young Jews and Jewish professionals from its member organizations around the globe. This year the destinations are Spain followed by the UK.

The goals of the Summit are to inspire a global community of young Jews to take ownership of their lives and their Judaism and to give them leadership and innovation opportunities for inspiring their Jewish communities back home.

Last year’s Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil saw the creation of almost 30 new startup initiatives designed to engage young Jews around the world with Jewish and Torah values, with $110,000 of startup funding being awarded by Olami and a $1 million allocated for matched funding. Projects were launched in Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Israel, Russia and the USA, covering many different topics and utilizing numerous techniques; apps, social meet-ups, informal education opportunities and more. The winning project, the “Jewish Experience Center” was launched by Israeli student Matanya Sonof, of Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is a place where Jews come together to explore spirituality and mindfulness through Judaism while bridging the gap between observant and non-observant Jews. After a successful pilot in India they opened their second venue

This year, delegates are once again invited to present their ideas for Jewish innovation, as well as applying to join the international board of young Ambassadors.

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