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from The New York Jewish Week:

Shouldering More Of The Giving Load

Evangelical Christian organizations, which already donate tens of millions of dollars to Israel every year, are being asked to shoulder an even heavier philanthropic load due to the global economic slowdown and the low value of the dollar against the shekel.

The mounting requests by Israeli charities and individuals for donated food, school supplies, subsidized medical care, and help for Holocaust survivors, among other things, come at a time when many Evangelical Christians, like donors all over the world, are facing an uncertain future.

from The London Jewish Chronicle:

Reform launches outreach arm as alternative to Aish

The Reform movement is about to take the first step to launch an alternative to Aish, the Orthodox outreach organization for young adults.

A residential weekend next month will be the inaugural event by the Assembly of Reform Rabbis to offer a “non-fundamentalist” alternative.

from Haaretz:

Credit crunch threatens first German rabbinical seminary since Holocaust

The global financial crisis is threatening the existence of the first rabbinical seminary to be established in central Europe since the Holocaust, staff said on Tuesday.

The Abraham Geiger College, which belongs to the University of Potsdam near Berlin, relies largely on American and European donors and sponsors to finance its programs.