New Leadership Initiative Launched in U.K.

A ground-breaking, new leadership innovation has been launched in the U.K. with the establishment of Jewish Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD).

LEAD is envisioned as a community-wide resource to help transform the future leadership of the Jewish community. The concept was the brainchild of UJIA’s Leadership Development department and has been shaped over the past five years into a new and independent communal service and resource.

LEAD will offer leadership programmes and services to lay, professional and aspiring leaders. The service will begin this month growing over a three year period culminating in the creation of a new Centre of Excellence.

Over the past two years, a number of discussions, plans and initiatives have taken place on how to establish a ‘Centre for Jewish Community Leadership’. These discussions have been consolidated by the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) in partnership with UJIA and other major communal charities. The initiative has been designed to build upon the previous success of the Adam Science Foundation Leadership Programme, which will be now run by LEAD and The New Leadership Network, which will also be supported within the new framework.

LEAD will operate as a project of the JLC, symbolising the level of support for this project from all of the agencies, which provide the infrastructure for UK Jewish life.

Nicky Goldman has been appointed as the Director of LEAD and Sam Clifford will be the Manager.