New Israeli Fellowship Program Invests in the Future of Israel-Asia Relations

A new fellowship designed to build and invest in the tomorrow’s leaders of Israel-Asia relations has opened in Israel.

The Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship, which was launched by the Jerusalem-based Israel-Asia Center, is designed to supplement the university study programs of Asian students studying in Israel, providing them with the high-level access, contacts, skill-set and support network necessary to build long-term, strategic partnerships between Israel and Asia through their future careers.

The 12 fellows – from China, India, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan – range from bachelors to post-doctoral students, in the fields of study and research include agricultural science, environmental economics and green energy policy, business and economics, environmental science, civil and environmental engineering, conflict resolution, Middle Eastern studies, Holocaust history and education, and architecture and design.

“These are Israel’s future partners in Asia,” says Israel-Asia Center founder and executive director, Rebecca Zeffert. “As we embark on this ‘Asian Century’, Israel needs to better prepare itself for a future in which its economic, diplomatic and cultural partners will not only lie in the West. If Israel is serious about building a shared future with countries in Asia, it needs to invest in these future Asian partners and leaders of Israel-Asia relations, and work with them to develop solutions to shared interests and challenges.”

The 8-month program, which began in October, comprises seminars, field trips, skills workshops, internships, professional mentorship and host family programs and ongoing support on return to Asia. During the program, fellows will meet and engage with Israel’s leaders in government and diplomacy, business, science and technology, media and the non-profit world. Seminars and field trips will be run by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute and leading Israeli companies and organizations. Over the course of the fellowship, fellows will also develop their own projects in their chosen fields that promote Israel-Asia relations.