New Fellowship for Young Jewish Philanthropists

Slingshot, an organization that engages young Jewish philanthropists, is launching its inaugural Fellowship – a one-of-a-kind, highly customized program for young, Jewish philanthropists seeking to deepen their impact in the Jewish community and beyond.

This 18-month program provides young Jewish philanthropists with technical skills, relationships with influential leaders, and a support system of peers to strengthen the quality and culture of the Jewish philanthropic experience.

Established in 2005 with support from a group of young philanthropists seeking to advance ambitious and innovative projects within Jewish life, Slingshot has evolved into a platform to reimagine Jewish philanthropic leadership and build a bolder, stronger Jewish future. With a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, Slingshot is harnessing the ambition and passion of the next generation and giving them the skills to be leaders and shape the world around them.

“The challenges in the Jewish community and the broader world require new investments and creative thinking,” said Stefanie Rhodes, Slingshot’s CEO. “Many young Jewish philanthropists are eager to use their leadership to make lasting change, but rarely receive the training, mentorship, or peer support they need to do so confidently. The Slingshot Fellowship is changing that.”

Ideal candidates for the Fellowship are between 23 and 39 years of age and are seeking to explore their unique philanthropic identity. They relate to philanthropy as an expression of Jewish values and are driven to dedicate their resources, time, money, and networks to help solve a problem in the world.

“Philanthropy often feels like a lonely or overwhelming endeavor,” said Philip Silverman, Slingshot Board Member and Fellowship Chair. “I’m thrilled that Slingshot is providing young Jewish philanthropists like me with an opportunity to better understand the landscape of needs and to engage in a series of programs, conversations, and network-building experiences to help sharpen our skills and clarify our values – individually and in community with our peers.”

Participants will commit substantial time to the Fellowship, including three retreats, 30 hours of mentorship, and two hours per month of learning throughout the length of the program. While all gatherings will be virtual for the time being, a thoughtful, dynamic experience has been uniquely crafted to inspire each participant on their philanthropic journey.

Applications for the Slingshot Fellowship open today, September 14, 2020 and will extend through October 16, 2020. Women, LGBTQ Jews, and Jews of Color are strongly encouraged to apply. For more information CLICK HERE.