National Survey of American Jews

J Street released poll results yesterday that are receiving lots of attention – as much for what the results say as for who sponsored it. We’ll stay away from the political side, but here’s what came out of interest to the Jewish nonprofit world:

from James Besser in JW Political Insider:

“Finally, participants were asked whether the recession is affecting their charitable and political giving. 42 percent said the economic crisis was reducing their giving to non-Jewish organizations and charities and 35 percent said they were cutting their giving to Jewish ones. 21 percent said they had cut or will cut their contributions to synagogues.

Interestingly, they were also asked about their connection to mega-swindler Bernie Madoff. Only 2 percent said they were “personally affected” by his giant Ponzi scheme, but 17 percent said they knew someone who was affected and 28 percent said “an organization I support has been affected.”

And the 6 percent of Jews who must be living in caves said they “do not know about the Bernard Madoff financial scandal.”