Memorial Day 2018:
Remembering Israel’s Fallen

Remembrance Day, Yom HaZikaron, which begins this evening, is a day of collective and personal anguish mingled with honor for the fallen. The official events begin at 8:00 PM IDT with a moment of national silence heralded by a one minute siren followed by the lighting of a memorial candle at the Western Wall.

This year we remember:

A total of 23,646 men and women, including 1485 police officers, have been killed defending the land of Israel since 1860, the year the first Jewish settlers left the secure walls of Jerusalem to build new Jewish neighborhoods. 3,134 civilians were killed due to hostile acts since Israel’s founding in 1948. This number includes foreign citizens killed in terror attacks in Israel as well as Israelis killed in terror attacks abroad.

Since Remembrance Day 2017, 71 new names of the security forces have been added to the list of those who have given their lives in service to the State, including 30 wounded veterans who died of their injuries. 12 civilians were killed in terrorist attacks.