Mailing Rates to Change for U.S. Nonprofits

According to The NonProfit Times, postage rates for nonprofit mail will increase on average 2.1 percent, though some categories will see a decrease. The United States Postal Service has petitioned the Postal Rate Commission for the increase beginning January 22, 2012.

The following is what nonprofits currently pay, and what they will pay as of January 22nd:

  • Standard mail nonprofit letters now 16.8 cents goes down to 16.6;
  • Standard mail nonprofit flats now 35.5 cents will go up to 35.6 cents;
  • Standard mail nonprofit machinables now 1.46 cents goes up to 1.476 cents;
  • Library mail media now $1.20 goes to $1.22; and
  • Periodicals (including magazines and newspapers) currently 19.6 cents will increase to 20 cents.