Live from Tomorrow

This is the final day and I have found the Conference informative and exhilerating. Also tiring; the days are long and I have been unable to post as I would have preferred.

This morning, though, I am reaping the benefits of our new technology and blogging directly from a particularly relevant presentation, The Revolution of the Internet and the New Media.

This plenary focuses on how society is dependent on the Internet and mass-communications, and guided by them. Where is it all going? How will future developments in this field further affect our lives? Are there perils along with the blessings?

We have just heard Susan Decker, Yahoo’s President, give us two key take-a-ways:

  • The Web is becoming more open and social with trusted relationships very important to the future.
  • In the future we will also see stronger connections between the on and off-line worlds.

As to Yahoo’s future, according to Susan, their next challenge is to focus on three targets: creating open platforms where consumers define how, when and where they consume content; highly personalized content; and establishing stronger connections between on-line and off-line worlds.

So, if you are interested in technology and where it is headed, along with being introduced to key innovations players from Israel’s world of technology, I recommend checking out the entire plenary, hear what Susan has to say along with Google’s Sergey Brin; Maurice Levy, of the Management Board, Publicis Groupe; News Corps Rupert Murdoch and Yahoo’s former executive, Terry Semel.

To read about other Conference sessions, please check my friend Esther’s blog posts this morning on My Urban Kvetch.