Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah: Request for Research Proposals

In 2016 Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah sponsored a prize competition for programs that apply Jewish wisdom to help people live better lives and shape a better world. More than 200 programs entered the competition, creating a rich database of information about how Jewish wisdom – Jewish values, texts, practices, and historical experience – is being transmitted and used today in a wide range of settings.

To take advantage of this trove of information, the Foundation is seeking proposals from researchers who are interested in exploring aspects of the process of applying Jewish wisdom using the Prize database. The Foundation is interested in learning more about such questions as: What Jewish wisdom do programs embody and teach? What methods do they use to make it accessible and applicable to participants’ lives? What factors help to determine the effectiveness of these programs? And, what impacts do these programs have on participants and on the broader landscape of Jewish and social life?

Full details can be found in the request for proposals, here.