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A collection of one liners from yesterday evening’s panel; comments, ideas and thoughts. Each one is valuable. My apologies if I misquoted or took something improperly out of context. Chalk it up to making notes at 1 am.

Allison Fine

  • Email moves messages faster than anything in the history of the world
  • Definition of a millenial: anyone who went to college with a laptop
  • We need to go where they are. The challenge is they grew up in a 2.0 world and expect things to work that way. In other words, like open source software, this generation is seeking an ‘open system’
  • There is excess capacity in our social networks that care about our causes; the challenge is to maximize it
  • Organizations need to be re-invented using these new tools
  • Anything that connects your more to people will help your organization

Lisa Colton – Darim Online

  • Many of the tools we have are not being used in the way they were created
  • Jump in and start trying

Graham Hoffman – Hillel

  • Technology is only as good as the people who use it
  • How do we take the information and relationships from Facebook and tailor this to individual personal relationships
  • Innovate. Collaborate. Create. Take Initiative. See our post on Hillel’s Campus Initiative project (E³)
  • Hillel sources talent from the campus as early as freshman year
  • There is an enormous amount of talent among our constituent population. We need to tap into, build and share this knowledge base

Michael Hoffman – See3 Communications

  • 2004 was a tipping point as broadband exploded across the market. With the addition of video we can have a full-fledged multi-media experience
  • We can now create video-centric micro sites; an example, Avodah’s Jews4NewOrleans project

Some final thoughts from our panelists on how Web 2.0 will impact our future and what’s coming next?


  • Everything is mobile, it fits in the palm of your hand
  • The challenge for the big Jewish institutions – how to accept those smaller; to not be afraid of these new enterprises and smaller organizations


  • Institutions are wall and barrier driven – we need to break them down
  • We need to leverage momentum. The boundaries between organizations and institutions need to relax

So, there you have it. A powerful evening.

A lot of people were listening; I hope they were hearing.

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