Limmud TV is Back!

Described as “the world’s most influential Jewish event”, Limmud UK – aka Conference, has returned to the University of Warwick. For those not attending, livestreaming is available again this year right here on The live-streaming program (subject to change) is below:

Please note: All times are GMT.

Session title Description Presenter(s) Start time End time
My Promised Land Why did Israel come to be? How did it come to be? And can Israel survive? Based on his recent best-selling book, Ari Shavit illuminates the issues and threats that Israel is currently facing and uses the defining events of the past to shed new light on the present through revealing stories of significant events and the lives of ordinary individuals. Ari Shavit Monday 16:10 Monday 17:20
Lessons from the Parsha: Vayechi  Ephraim Mirvis Monday 17:50 Monday 18:50
In Conversation with Ari Shavit Join one of the most acclaimed and influential Israeli journalists and commentators in a wide-ranging conversation with his English-language editor. Ari Shavit and Charlotte Halle will discuss his recent groundbreaking book Charlotte Halle | Ari Shavit Monday 19:10 Monday 20:10
The battle for Israel’s soul At the end of a traumatic year: Is the Democratic Jewish state in jeopardy? Ari Shavit Tuesday 10:40 Tuesday 11:50
What is the most important verse in the Torah? This session will reveal five intriguing answers given by Talmudic sages to this question and will describe how they provide a blueprint for a meaningful life in our challenging times. Ephraim Mirvis Tuesday 12:10 Tuesday 13:10
Can democracy and peace go hand in hand? In the wake of the Arab Spring, it seems only a strong, secular dictatorship can ensure stability. Is this true? Bassem Eid | Charlotte Halle | Benjamin Pogrund | Natan Sharansky Tuesday 13:30 Tuesday 14:30
JDOV: Jewish Dreams, Observations, Visions (2 of 3) Ever wondered what it would look like if you crossed Limmud with TED (the popular conference where inspiring speakers give “the talk of their life” in 18 minutes)? Launched at Limmud Conference 2011, JDOV is back for our fourth year. Join us as three inspiring speakers give the “Jewish talk of their life.” Previous talks can be found at the JHub website. Shoshana Boyd Gelfand | Asher Lopatin | Natan Sharansky | Ari Shavit Tuesday 14:50 Tuesday 15:50
From tyranny to freedom: a conversation in tribute to Michael Sherbourne What important lessons can be learned today from the success of the struggle for the freedom of Soviet Jewry? Join two pioneering refuseniks who reflect upon their own lives and pay tribute to one of their most dedicated campaigners. Natan Sharansky | Joseph Mendelevich Tuesday 18:30 Tuesday 19:30
Can Israel be Europe’s future? Natan Sharansky will discuss the relationship between a national state and a democracy as the base of political life, both in Israel and in Europe. Natan Sharansky Wednesday 9:20 Wednesday 10:20


All sessions are being recorded and will be available for future viewing.