Limmud Chavruta Resource for Sukkot 2018 Now Available

The Limmud Chavruta Project, in partnership with UJIA, has launched the fourth in a series of five resources over the course of 2018 to mark Israel at 70. Limmud volunteers have compiled these materials for you to explore with your family and friends underneath the sukkah.

This is the first ever Sukkot resource created by the Limmud Chavruta Project. Inspired by the symbolism of the sukkah, lulav, and etrog, you can explore the theme of Shelter through the lenses of Sukkot and Israel. When is a home permanent and when is it temporary? Is dwelling in the sukkah the realisation of an ideal or a call to action? Who should seek shelter in the State of Israel? How does God shelter us, and how do we shelter God?

You can download the resource here.

The Limmud Chavruta Project is a broad selection of modern and ancient texts, in Hebrew with English translation, to be explored with a partner or group.