JNF and Alexander Muss HS Unite

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has announced a new and expanded partnership with the Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI). Pursuant to an agreement unanimously approved by both JNF’s Board of Directors and Board of Trustees as well as by AMHSI, JNF will appoint all members of AMHSI’s Board of Directors and integrate AMHSI’s operations into JNF’s broad array of educational initiatives.

For over 40 years, AMHSI has been at the forefront in providing transformative pluralistic Israel experiences for high school students. AMHSI has developed fully accredited academic programs for teens to strengthen their Jewish identity while developing deep-rooted connections to Jewish life, to the Jewish people, and to Israel. Today, the school has more than 20,000 alumni – many of whom are active leaders in their Jewish communities.

While JNF and AMHSI have enjoyed a long-standing partnership, both JNF and AMHSI see this new relationship as greatly beneficial to the greater Jewish community.

According to Stephen Muss, Chair of AMHSI, “All through the years I have had great respect for the activities of Jewish National Fund. JNF is famous for planting millions of trees, water conservation, and dedication to Israel and the Negev. JNF and AMHSI have had a growing relationship over the years that has led to the Board of Trustees of both JNF and AMHSI to approve an even greater integration of AMHSI, so that both organizations can consolidate their educational efforts and we can focus on what’s important: teenage Israel experience, Jewish continuity and Zionist education.”

Orit Rome and Rabbi Leor Sinai will work in partnership as the new Co-Executive Directors of AMHSI; Rabbi Philip Nadel will continue as head of the school.