Jewish Summer Camp Rocks

The Foundation for Jewish Camp has released the first study focusing on the long-term impact of Jewish summer camp.

For those of us with first-hand experience of the value added from summer camp experiences, the study, Camp Works, only reinforces what we’ve long known: Jewish summer camp not only works, but lays the groundwork for a more vibrant Jewish future – for the campers themselves, their families and the broader Jewish community.

The study takes the next step by exploring the long-term effectiveness of overnight Jewish summer camp in instilling Jewish commitment and thereby Jewish engagement. As the report shows, the childhood camp experience has a significant impact – in some respects a highly substantial impact – on adult Jewish practices and commitments.

And something that Jewish federations should pay particular attention to – camp attendance increases the likelihood of adult participation in Jewish charitable giving by 25%.

The complete study, Camp Works – the Long-Term Impact of Jewish Summer Camp, is available for download.