It’s Time to Focus on a New Generation

Back in June, at JCSA’s annual meeting, the focus was on Maximizing Technology. The keynote speaker for the event, complete with the incredible live-streaming JCSA provided, was Allison Fine, the author of Momentum. Now, in an opinion article from the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Allison urges non-profits to take advantage of all that the millennial generation has to offer.

“The millennials are coming! The millennials are coming! In hallways, boardrooms, and conference calls across the nonprofit world, this warning cry is ringing out.

But too many in the nonprofit world forget that the millennials are already here. They are the people born from 1982 through the late 1990s dominating the world around us. They outnumber the baby boomers who are alive today.

Not preparing for and welcoming the millennials is more than a missed opportunity. It is a significant and perhaps devastating error in judgment by traditional organizations because they need millennials more than the millennials need them. If they are unhappy with their reception by nonprofit organizations, they will simply start their own efforts — overnight, online, at almost no cost.”

Read some of Allison’s JCSA comments here, JCSA Gets It!

The Chronicle article is based on Allison’s work with Social Citizens.