Israeli Entrepreneurial Spirit Exhibition Opens at Second Life Israel

israeli-entrepreneur-spirit-exhibit_001In honor of Israel’s 61st birthday Second Life Israel will be opening an exhibit titled ‘The Israeli entrepreneurial Spirit’ showcasing some of Israel’s finest innovations in a variety of fields. The exhibit’s opening will feature technology expert and Metaverse Labs Founder Dr. Yesha Sivan as its guest of honor. The event will take place in SL Israel on Sunday May 31st at 10 AM SLT (1 PM NYC, 8 PM Jerusalem time).

The Israeli Entrepreneurial Spirit highlights 16 leading Israeli companies in the social, environmental, medical and technological fields. Each of these companies represents the best in Israeli innovation, making a difference in ways that better their communities and the lives of people from around the world. This exhibit is a natural fit for Israel, long described as a second ‘Silicon Valley,’ and Second Life’s technologically savvy membership.

Dr. Yesha Sivan is the founder of Metaverse Labs, and has consulted on technologies for knowledge infrastructures to many companies based in Israel and around the world. His field of expertise is the linking of second life and real life. Dr Sivan received his PhD from Harvard University and teaches at the Software Engineering Department of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. He has previously taught at Bar Ilan and Tel Aviv University. For the event opening Dr. Sivan will speak about ‘Israel, entrepreneurship, and Virtual Worlds.’ He will then take questions from the audience and cut the ribbon for the Israeli Entrepreneurial Spirit exhibit.

Following Dr. Sivan’s address there will be a musical surprise for all attendees.

Second Life Israel was launched January 2008 and since then has consistently ranked as one of the top Israel and Jewish sites in Second Life. SL Israel offers Second Life’s millions of members the ability to teleport instantly into the virtual Israel, and to explore a country that is fun and educational, ancient and modern, imaginative and real. There is a tourism information spot for those interested in a real life visit to Israel. Other major sites on SL Israel include the holy sites of the 3 major monotheistic religions, the Tel Aviv Promenade with the Opera House and Dizingoff Fountain, the Dead Sea and mud baths, the Eilat Underwater Observatory, and the Roman Amphitheater in Caesarea.