Internet Kavanah 5771

About ten years ago, through an initiative funded by Star Synaplex, I was introduced one Shabbat to an incredible musical ensemble who identified themselves as Shabbat Unplugged. Populated by a group of RRC students and educators, their mantra is to Experience Shabbat Like Never Before.

They have developed a “joyful, prayerful, song-filled, rocking, jumping, moving, grooving, spiritually-soothing, funky, folksy, fun Shabbat worship experience for young adults…”. Since then, as both a group, and individually, they have produced several successful albums while their original music has helped shape and influence Shabbat worship throughout the United States.

One of the original members of the group, Rabbi G. Rayzel Raphael is known for bringing a rich background in spirituality and ritual, feminism, and music to Judaism. By the very nature that we are here today, on-line, we know the huge part technology plays in our lives. Some inspiring words to consider by Rabbi G. Rayzel Raphael,

Internet Kavanah 5771

Oh, Great Book of Infinite Holy Faces,

As the internet evolves, Spirit of Creativity, give me the ability to adjust and embrace the new. Help me with the overwhelm in my Inbox. Remind me that “Creation is renewed everyday” and it is still an adventure to learn something new. Let me find patience for those who expect answers immediately – because their technology is faster. As we adapt to the ways we relate to each other and do business, help me stay conscious that my social network is not really on the computer screen. Bless my efforts to foster good in the world through cyber relationships, acknowledging that you are the ultimate Source of Cosmic Connection.

courtesy Rabbi G. Rayzel Raphael
Singer, Songwriter, Ritual-Maker and Spirituality Consultant

Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting “Holy Shechinah … what a ride” … and by the way “Who let the morning people run things?” (Rabbi G. Rayzel Raphael)

Shabbat Shalom