Insights from Applications to PresenTense’s 10 Local Fellowships

by Simi Hinden

PresenTense just closed applications for its local fellowships in 10 cities around the world. Applications season is always an exciting time, as coordinators and steering committee volunteers put in many hours recruiting local entrepreneurs or aspiring innovators. After the application deadline closes, in each city, the coordinators and steering committee decide who to advance to the speed-interviewing stage, and afterwards chooses its cohort. (While several of our cities have already chosen their cohorts, we’re waiting until all cities have done so before making one announcement.)

We’ve collected some basic statistics on fellowship applicants and their venture ideas, to better learn what populations the programs are reaching, what ventures focus on, and to glean any lessons for the future on how to change or improve applications and the fellowships for future years. So without further ado, check out the stats below!