Give Life Meaning

14164RTWPOSTER22.5x28.5Service – one of the buzzwords of our times.

Join with The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles as they launch today their newest and most exciting venture yet – the Give Life Meaning campaign.

The launch of the campaign is the first step towards the Federation’s goal of building a community-wide movement responding to the drastic impact of the economic downturn on their neighbors and fellow community members in Los Angeles.

At the heart of the campaign is the idea that a bad economy deserves a good community. It is no coincidence that the campaign was launched one week before the beginning of Passover. Similarly, the Give Life Meaning campaign represents the new path the Federation is forging as well – one that will enrich and improve the lives of everyone in their community.

For more information, visit – the home for this new movement – and see how people can begin to make a difference today.