Five Steps to Creating a Mobile Campaign

If nonprofits found a silver lining behind the Haiti catastrophe, it was learning how fast a mobile campaign can raise a lot of money in a hurry.

Jim Manis, chairman and CEO of the Mobile Giving Foundation in Bellevue, Wash, suggests that it takes about two weeks to create a mobile campaign.
Manis says that there are five steps to setting up the campaign:

  • Nonprofits must apply for an NPO application package from the Mobile Giving Foundation. The application is a series of questions that ensure that the organization meets federal and state laws and operates with transparency. There is a one-time application fee of $350.
  • Mobile Giving Foundation reviews the data and notifies wireless carriers that the organization has been approved.
  • Once approved, an organization is given a short code and keyword for its campaign. This associates nonprofits with a billable action.
  • Parallel to the application process, nonprofits should contact any of the foundation’s approved application service providers (ASPs). These organizations will help nonprofits use cross platform integration to design a mobile giving strategy that will work with the organization’s campaign.
  • Once the campaign is designed and carriers have been notified, nonprofits are ready to go live with mobile giving. From there, a new database of donors needs to be managed properly for future giving.

courtesy: NonProfit Times