European Jewish Leaders to Discuss New Agenda

Israel’s Minister of Education Gidon Sa’ar and Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger are just two of many set to address 150 Jewish Leaders from across Europe who will convene in Berlin to discuss a new agenda for European Jewry.

This once in a decade event will be held October 24-26 and sponsored by the European Council of Jewish Communities under the title “Leading Jewish Europe Together Now!”. Participants will discuss today’s urgent challenges for Jewish Communities throughout Europe.

Delegates will include presidents of Jewish communities from East, Central and Western Europe, the U.S., leading Jewish philanthropists, ambassadors and dignitaries.

The agenda will include topics such as: “Europe and Israel – So Close but So Far?,” Media – Can the Communities Handle the Pressure?”, “FSU and Western Communities – How can we work more closely together?”, “European and American Jewry – How can we collaborate better and on what issues?”.