European and US Leaders Join Solidarity Sabbath against Anti-Semitism

The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice has announced that political leaders from more than a dozen European and North American countries will come together to fight anti-Semitism as they take part in the 2015 Solidarity Sabbath. The event is an international initiative designed to combat anti-Semitism, while promoting freedom of religion, conscience, and belief.

In a bold and moving show of solidarity, high-level political leaders from Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, The Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, and the United States have committed to participate in the Solidarity Sabbath, sending an important message to their Jewish communities and to the world that hate and intolerance will not prevail.

The Solidarity Sabbath invites leaders from across Europe and North America to join together on May 22nd to demonstrate a unified response to the increasingly open and violent acts of anti-Semitism present on both sides of the Atlantic. Through the Solidarity Sabbath, the Lantos Foundation will recognize the various work that participating nations are doing to show support for their respective Jewish communities, educate all citizens about the importance of religious freedom, and directly combat anti-Semitism.

“These countries must be commended for sending the unequivocal message that bigotry and hatred will find no sanctuary within their borders,” said Katrina Lantos Swett, President of the Lantos Foundation. “The overarching goal of the Solidarity Sabbath is to highlight the great work that is already being done and encourage nations to do more to support their Jewish communities year round. Fighting anti-Semitism is not a singular event. However, the Solidarity Sabbath provides a unique opportunity for leaders in Europe and North America to stand shoulder to shoulder against anti-Semitism and send a powerful message that this kind of hate will not be tolerated. We are deeply grateful to our partner nations for joining the Solidarity Sabbath and supporting their Jewish communities in the face of bigotry and hate. It is enormously significant to have them acting in unity on this day of solidarity, but it is even more important that they remain vigilant and committed to keeping their Jewish citizens safe year round.”

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