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A birthday gift

Of the $1 billion a year in Jewish philanthropy, how much do you think goes to advertise in the mainstream media the numerous contributions Israel makes to humanity? Virtually zero.

Hasbara 2.0 (beware of bugs)

Several recent stories shine a light on the challenges and opportunities of the new YouTube-era environment that Israel and its advocates are operating in. up for auction

You would think would be an exciting, detailed Web site on the Jewish state, designed to attract tourists from abroad. But when the Web address is punched in to your Internet browser, all you get is a simple page with an Israeli flag smack in the middle.

perhaps one of our major philanthropists will consider acquiring this domain..

New generation has a new take on Israel

Many Gen Y-ers — people born between the mid-1970s and early 1990s — don’t buy into the mainstream demand that they wave the Israeli flag and pledge support to the Jewish state. Uncomfortable with terms like “Israel advocate” or “pro-Israel,” many of today’s future leaders are forging an arena where they can build a relationship with Israel that is nuanced and multifaceted, relying on cultural interactions or collaborative tikkun olam projects, sometimes in addition to, sometimes instead of, traditional political advocacy.

Rashi School Receives $5. Million Challenge Grant

Schoenbaum family contributes $5 million to Israeli causes

The heiress to the Shoney’s restaurant and motel chain has given $5 million to ORT America in support of World ORT programs in Israel. One of the largest single donations ever received, the gift will develop the center of the seaside town of Kiryat Yam into a multi-purpose science, education, culture and sports campus that is a model for the State of Israel. The donation was made by the Schoenbaum Family Foundation.