Are You Mobile Friendly?

Welcome to the mobile Internet!

No question, Internet users are leaving their laptops behind in favor of phones, and organizations that aren’t prepared to ride the mobile wave are likely to lose a share of their audience. It’s a real challenge, especially for small nonprofits without their own IT wizards to wave a magic mouse and make an iPhone-friendly website appear.

With that end in mind, here from Wild Apricot are two quick ways to make your organization’s blog or website a little more “phone-friendly”.

And if you’re wondering why, here are some new stats from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project:

  • 32% have used a mobile phone or Smartphone to access the internet for emailing, instant-messaging, or research; this is an increase of 33% since December 2007, when 24% of Americans had ever used the Internet on a mobile device.
  • On a typical day, nearly one-fifth (19%) of Americans use the internet on a mobile device, up substantially from the 11% level recorded in December 2007. That’s a growth of 73% in the 16 month interval between surveys.