Announcing The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest! Invitation for Submissions

Building on the momentum of this spring’s Great Big Jewish Food Fest and last year’s Seattle Jewish Climate Festival, we’re excited to announce The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest, taking place January 27-31 to re-energize Tu BiShvat as a purpose-driven holiday. 

The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest is a collaboration among many organizations across the Jewish landscape – including Hazon, Dayenu, the Jewish Emergent Network, Hillel International, Repair the World, Mitsui Collective and Hebrew College, among others – and is designed to position climate change as a central moral issue of the Jewish community.

This Festival is a true collaborative endeavor, and thus we invite organizations and leaders to propose and contribute your ideas and expertise. 

That might mean planning and presenting a festival event, or helping to shape collaborations. Programs can have a local focus (local issues, local experts, city council members, etc…) or have broad/national appeal. You may propose an activity, learning, or event for a small group, large audience, or specific community – all ideas are welcome. (Most festival events will be online, but outdoors, masked, and distanced events may be proposed if it is safe in your local context.)

(If you’re already planning a Tu BiShvat event with some connection to climate awareness and action – or would like to add climate content to your event – you can list it as part of the Festival. Or if you haven’t started planning a Tu BiShvat event yet for your community, you might save yourself the effort and invite your community to explore the myriad of Festival offerings!)

For us to make a big, bold impact on the climate crisis we need to have a big tent with many perspectives and conversations, engaging many different audiences, from rabbis to investors, youth activists to scientists. We believe that every part of the Jewish world has a stake in confronting climate change, and invite you to think creatively about what perspective you can contribute, what you want to learn, and how you can be an active part of the solution.

Additional information about the Festival and the proposal process can be found at

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to workshop ideas or explore collaborations!