An Ethical Guide for Jewish Charities

A couple of years back, the London based Jewish Association for Business Ethics hosted a seminar on the ethical challenges for Jewish charities. Simultaneously they released An Ethical Guide for Jewish Charities.

Dayan I Berger, an expert in Jewish law, told the attendees that they have an ethical and pragmatic duty to investigate the source of their donations. Indeed, sometimes, to reject them.

Charities, in particular Jewish ones, have a responsibility “not to bring the institution of charity into disrepute by associating with or receiving tainted money,” he said. “It belittles the concept of charity altogether.”

And when a charity is presented with “dubious money”, Berger insists they have a duty to reject it. Accepting the money, even when it would do great good for the charities’ beneficiaries, would “condone wrong-doing”.

Click the image above for the Guide, which can be an excellent resource for all organizations.