Aliyah and Tomorrow

We’re still not finished with our look at Facing Tomorrow; we have more to come including a special look at some of “the entrepreneurial projects that will change the face of Tomorrow.”

For those interested in Aliyah and Israel-Diaspora relations, a session review by Ezra HaLevi for Arutz Sheva.

“The questions asked of the panel were: “Do current trends necessarily widen the gap or is it possible to cement relations between Israel and the Diaspora? What can be done to bring two geographically separate societies together so they can understand each other, share a single Jewish identity and work for common goals? What role does Aliyah play in this relationship?

Moderated by Dr. Ruth Calderon of the Alma Home for Hebrew Culture, she began by saying, “Israel is too important to leave to the Israelis,” explaining that the relationship between Israel and the Jews of the Diaspora is like that of a husband and wife, who must work together as equal partners.

Ezra’s complete article is here.