“Ace” Greenberg, Bel Kaufman, z”l

We remember:

Alan “Ace” Greenberg, the former head of Bear Stearns and longtime Wall Street executive died of complications from cancer in New York on Friday at the age of 86. For years, Ace hosted UJA-Federation NY’s campaign launch event, which became known with some reverence and affection as the “Greenberg event.” A legend of Wall Street and a stalwart champion of the Jewish people both at home and in Israel – his memory, spirit, and impact will remain an enduring legacy.

Bel Kaufman, teacher and author, granddaughter of Shalom Aleichem, best known for writing the 1965 bestselling novel Up the Down Staircase, passed away Friday at her home in New York City. Bel was 103 and an honoured lecturer at Limmud FSU programs.

Her Skype session at this year’s Limmud FSU Moscow was one of her last public performances.  And her last words for all the limmudniks listening, “You should all live ’till 103.”

May their memories be a blessing.