A Nation Remembers

from Jewlicious:

Yom HaZikaron

As the second siren went off this morning at 11:00, an interesting thought went through my brain which, even as I sit now, in a peaceful coffee shop on a busy street, I have trouble to grasp in full. It occurred to me that this pain, this national agony and mourning; this, too, is a part of our strength. We do not praise death, nor do we revere it. We agonize over it, we grieve, and we acknowledge the sacrifices made by our deceased. And in their honor, we live. We build a country which, against the odds, thrives. We attempt to create a new country, a new state of being, in which war will end, and deaths of soldiers and the murder of our civilians in senseless acts of terror will be in the past. For we, as a country, and as a people, have felt the pain that no one ought to feel, and we have decided that while in the short term we may not be able to stop it, we will work to ensure that in the long term, perhaps our children’s children, will not feel this pain.